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We would love for you to join us in membership at Berea First Baptist Church. Membership is our expression of identifying with a local body of believers where we can serve and grow. We look forward to welcoming you into our church family! We offer our “Get Connected” New Members Class on a regular basis. This class is led by our Senior Pastor and it allows us to share the purpose of our church and how you can become an active participant in the life of our church. This class is required for membership at BFBC.


A prerequisite for membership is a trusting faith that Jesus and Jesus alone is the way to God the Father and eternal life. Have you prayed and asked Jesus Christ to be your Savior? When and where did you do this?
As you speak with our pastoral staff, we will give you the opportunity to share your story of life in Christ. It’s the most amazing story that we can possibly share and we look forward to hearing how you discovered the amazing love of God!

Water Baptism

Our first step of obedience to Jesus Christ is to be baptized in water. This ceremony serves as a public witness to people that He is our Master. Have you been baptized through immersion in water since you accepted Christ? If not, we hold regular baptism services. To participate, please come to the front of the Worship Center after a service and let the pastor know you want to be baptized. If you have already been baptized, simply let our pastoral staff know that and they’ll let you know about the next steps. Learn more about Baptism here.

Transfer Membership

If you have not grown up in a church setting, you may wonder what “transfer letter” means. What this means is that you have already been a member of another church that practices believer’s baptism and membership. Transferring your letter is just our way of saying that we will let your former church know that you have a new church family where you’ll be serving and growing. If that’s your story, just share with our pastoral staff your church information and we’ll take care of the rest.

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