Adult Ministry

Discussion and Lecture Based Groups and Classes.

For The Men and Women of BFBC

Connecting Adults with Christ

The Men and Women of BFBC primarily meet through our Connect Groups. These classes take place each Sunday morning at 9:30am all over our church campus. If you have grown up in a church setting, you have heard this called “Sunday School”. Some classes are lecture based, others are more discussion-oriented. Other groups exist specifically for Men or Women.

It is our prayer that each group identifies with a calling to serve others in some way. We allow each group the opportunity to discover their own unique calling and means to serve. For some, it is through our “Berea House” community ministry. For others, it is our “Reaching Center” food/crisis ministry,a nd for other it may be prayer. There is no limit to what our groups will discover as their unique calling. Our prayer (and purpose) going forward is that each group will discover something as the visible expression of the faith they are discovering more and more about on a weekly basis!

You can learn more and be directed to a Connect group by entering our church’s WELCOME CENTER. There our volunteers can share more about each of the classes.

Men’s Ministry

Berea’s Men’s Ministry providing men with opportunities to be what God has called them to be. Throughout the year, there are opportunities allowing men to become stronger, better husbands and fathers, and more committed to following Christ. There are countless ways to be involved, whether your passion is teaching, leading or discipling another. We offer multiple Bible Studies, events and small groups.

Mens Ministry

Women’s Ministry

Berea’s Women’s Ministry helps women deepen their relationship with God. Women find real connection with God and with other ladies through this ministry. Coffee, fellowship, laughs and tears. Sweet moments of joy are found in this ministry. It is a grounded in the steadfast love of Jesus, richly evident in their relationships with one another. There are many ways to get involved including Bible studies that are uniquely tailored for women, fun events with well-known speakers, and weekly Connection Groups that allow you to be yourself.

Womens Ministry